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Security SystemsIn this recent world, we can observe the immense use of advanced technologies in various sectors. In the field of security too, different types of advanced devices or gadgets have been invented which are able to strengthen the existing security system. The previous technologies used in any commercial building or residents for security purposes, have become obsolete now a day. Advanced technologies are taking place of these old fashioned security systems.

To make people more secured, we, the team of crazy curve have opened our new services. We are already a famous service provider in various sectors. In the field of security system too, the professional team of crazy curve has started offering reliable services. Whether it is security services relating to security cameras or selling of biometric system, in all respect the professionals of crazy curve has vast knowledge. We are expert in providing affordable home security package. Our team will place security cameras for the security purposes at your home or offices. The security packages will be available with touch screen keypad , pre-sensitive motion detector cameras, sensors for doors and windows, keychain remote, indoor video camera. Let us have a look at the different types of CCTV cameras which we generally sale to the customers.

  •   Bullet: If you want a security camera to be placed on the wall then this type of CCTV camera will be the right choice for you. These security cameras are specially built for indoor use. The shape of this cameras are thin and cylindrical.
  •   Dome: This is another special type of security camera which has already become famous in the market. We are the seller of this dome shaped advanced security camera.
  •   Desktop or board cameras: To record any teleconference, this type of tiny cameras are hugely used in recent days. The team of crazy curve sells this product.
  •   Discreet cameras: This type of specially designed cameras will look like clock. We also place this cameras to any commercial place or residential areas.
  •   Night vision cameras: Crazy curve also sells night vision cameras which are able to detect any object hiding in the darkness of the night.
  •   Outdoor cameras: For maintaining the security outside any office or residents or even any commercial building, these outdoor cameras are vastly used.
  •   High definition cameras: High definition cameras are hugely used in the market places. These types of cameras have the zooming facility to catch every picture with utmost clarity.

Those above are the different types of security cameras which are sold by crazy curve. Again, we are seller of various advanced biometric machines which are able to maintain the security within home and offices. We offer all types of biometric timer system for maintenance of attendance in the office. Besides, we also sale biometric scanners detect the fingerprint. These are some great products to keep up the security system within any office or residents. We offer advanced security cameras with all hi-tech facilities.

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